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The area offers many opportunities for excursions on foot or on horseback.

The suggested path that skirts around the hill called La Cuntessa is both fascinating and reinvigorating.

Several locations can be accessed from Capo Testa, a site of community importance: the area surrounding the lighthouse, home to many beautiful granite rocks, Cala Grande, also known as the "Moon Valley", and the area of the Roman caves. Punta Falcone, Sardinia's northernmost tip, is also very scenic. Here, Batteria Ferrero, built during World War II, is worth a visit.

Inland, the charming country church of Buoncammino and its hundred-year old olive trees make for a lovely visit.

Proceeding toward Caresi, known for its oddly shaped rocks, the hundred-year old holm oak is a real beauty. Legend has it that this tree stands atop an ancient pagan temple.

The marshes of Porto Pozzo are very interesting, as are the Coluccia Peninsula and the Saltara Valley, which stretches from San Pasquale to the Ruiu Mountains.

Breathtaking snorkeling and scuba diving are on offer off the shores of Santa Teresa Gallura. Diving centers happy to help visitors organize fascinating diving excursions are very numerous in the area.

The biggest black-coral wall of the Mediterranean is a must-see.